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French Bathroom Vanity Units

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We have a range of single and double basin French vanity units, ranging from the classical ornate Louis XVI  and Versailles designs to the more simplistic Napoleon and Country style designs.  

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Our standard French bathroom vanity units are constructed with a hardwood frame and medium density fibre board panels.

We can also construct each unit using responsibly managed solid Mahogany, prices on application.

French Bathroom Vanities French Country

French Country Vanity

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French Versailles Vanity


Demi Lune Vanity

Demi Lune

Plain Demi Lune Vanity

Plain Demi Lune

Napoleon Vanity

French Louis XVI DoubleVanity

Rococo Double

French Rococo Double Vanity

Rococo Single

French Rococo Single Vanity

French Petit Versailles Vanity



French Versailles Double Vanity

Versailles Double Vanity

French Country Single

French Coutry Single Versailles Petit Louis XVI Vanity Louis XVI Single Vanity

French Louis XVI Single Vanity

Louis XVI Petit Double

French Louis XVI Petit Double

Alicia Single Vanity Unit

Alicia Single Vanity